0802 is a trans continental Artistic Research Ensemble based in São Paulo and Berlin exploring the overlapping research fields of Alexander Peterhaensel and Marcus Bastos like performative audiovisual language, realtime processes, audiovisual improvisation, electroacoustic performances and the design of digital instruments. The collaboration emerged from a series of conversations at the 6th International Encounter of Art & Technology Research Groups held at the State University of São Paulo (UNESP) in July 2016. Their output usually merges academic and artistic discourses. Currently they are working on audiovisual live sets investigating abstraction and the relation between virtual and physical spaces. + PDF with further info

#1 av set
3 short pieces in which generative processes are combined with live approaches to audiovisual composition.

#2 telematic installation
Piled TVs display a generative composition, exploring the contrast between analogic and digital approaches to experimental video. Abstract 3D visuals react to a soundscape. An exploration of how distance and proximity affect liveness as visuals projected in São Paulo merge with sound streamed from Berlin.

02.02.2017 launch on the Night of Nontrivial Pursuits / Club Transmediale Vorspiel @ Spektrum (Berlin)
11.03.2017 telematic installation on Maratona de Perfomances II @ Dahaus (São Paulo)