preguiça febril

circ_lular é um sistema de webdjaying baseado em banco de dados aberto e plataforma multiusuários para sampleagem on line. Todo o conteúdo – imagens, sons, textos, filmes e vídeos – espelha situações de trânsito e fluxo e agencia um processo de remixagem coletiva que acontece, em tempo real, na web e em espaços expositivos. circ_lular estreou no sonarsound sound sp, em setembro de 2004 e é um projeto de Preguiça Febril.

um projeto do Preguiça Febril (Giselle Beiguelman, Rafael Marchetti e Marcus Bastos) com curadoria de Lucas Bambozzi

(foto: Rafael Marchetti)

mobil_izing is a webdjaying system based on an open multi-user database for on line sampling.
All content – images, sounds, texts, films and audios – portray traffic and flux situations. It is fed by its users and promotes a collective remix process in real time on the web and in exhibition spaces.

(foto: Rafael Marchetti)

mobil_izing launching happened at sonarsouns sp, Sep. 2004, and is a project by Delirious Lazyness.

mobil_izing puts traffic itself into circulation. The project explores the ‘web-jaying’ experience, by allowing the user to send texts, images and small clips of sound and video through the internet. The site contents are made available with sequences, images and sounds created or remixed the Feverish Lazyness group.

The interactor may also take part in the construction of this mediatic database by adding his / her own texts, images, sounds and videos. The group draws from urban culture and nomad culture to create open to the public fragments who reflect contemporary concerns such as digital networks, wireless conditions and the cultures of sampling and recycling material to create new content.

(foto: Rafael Marchetti)

In the online mixing interface, there is a list with all media and sounds filed in the five categories of the database: ‘mixed juice’, ‘80tations’, ‘on traffic’, ‘mobil_izing’ and ‘KaZaA’. This way, the public can search and reedit the clips via internet or share material with other participants of the project. After mixing the clips, it is possible to watch a preview before posting it on the project´s homepage.

When presented in live situations, the interface can be set to automatically select media from the database and play it at random, in order to keep a constant flow of clips being projected onto the installation space. The space is, then, filled with with multimedia clips controlled by the ‘web-jay’ inhabited by all participants of the process, bluring the frontiers between artist and audience.